Welcome to glowpaints.com is a place where you will get the complete product range of Photoluminescent Pigment and other related products (glow in the dark powder and other related products). We manufacture and distribute a wide range of glow in the dark products of good quality that conforms the internationally approved standards.

Our Photoluminescent pigments are safe, non-toxic, and non-radioactive and these pigment powders glow 10x brighter and longer than the traditional Zinc Sulfide and Copper mixed phosphorescent powder material. The photoluminescent pigment powder can be added to many mediums, such as coat, paint, ink, plastic, ceramics, glass etc. The products that are added this pigment will give good luminance and are used for different applications like signage boards, ceramic tiles, interior decoration, gift items, etc.

The Photoluminescent tape and rigid sheet are non-toxic, non-radioactive, high visible, self-extinguishing, and recharging material, which is best suitable for making all kinds of safety sign and related purposes. These are widely used in subway, railway, airport, high building, and others.

Our Glow powder is available in different grades and colors. These pigments glow between 1 and 15 hours depending on the grade. All of our glow in the dark products can be re-charged just by exposing it to light, preferably light that contains ultra violet rays like that of sunlight or UV Black Light. It can be re-used over and again without any significant drop in luminance, for many years.

Apart from glow in the dark powder and glow in the dark paint, we also have other specialized products like glow Ceramic tile which can be used on ceramic tiles, glow thread and fiber which is used for making glow cloth, ropes or carpet, PL Vinyl Film which is used for art purposes or for making signs, Glow Photo Paper which can be used in any inkjet printer to print full color photos that glow. Many more products are available.

We sell and supply our glow in the dark products to retailers and distributors, worldwide. We are looking for Distributors.


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We are the exporters of different products including Photo luminescent pigments, Glowing Products like paintings, glow paintings, glowing candles, glowing ceramic tiles, Photo luminescent Film, Tape, Thread and Yarn. Also we are into women garments of latest models and designs, silk sarees and in textiles like bath towels, etc.

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