3-dimensional painting -creates night sky.
Cool moon and stars-relieves from stress
Gait planets - Thrilling.
Milk way galaxy-Helps for child growth.
Mountain valley-takes you to your own imaginary world.
Any time - you can enjoy the stars filled night in the day time also.
*when you see you can believe anything but our products even if you see you can't believe it.

We will install permanent stars on any ceiling you choose. 3-dimensional painting of the night time sky, with hundreds of stars, including constellations, the Milky Way Galaxy, and even shooting stars.

The painting is invisible during the day....so, it won't interfere with any decorating scheme. At night, or when the lights are turned off.... the results are astonishing. It appears that the ceiling has been removed, and what you see above you is the most incredible, starry sky imaginable. Not just any nighttime sky.... but a crystal clear evening, high stops a mountain valley, above the clouds! Hundreds of stars are visible.

The ordinary ceiling dissolves away at night, as the stars magically begin to shine...

Thousands of glowing stars, constellations, and the Milkey Way galaxy, View the heavens as they were meant to be seen,before the city lights ruined the view. For every room, in every home and hotel Educational for children and Stress - relieving and romantic for adults

A permanent painting, any ceiling, any room, invisible during the day. Won't interfere w/decorating scheme. thousands of stars, constellations, Milkey way galaxy and shooting stars.

The Perfect gift for anyone! For Festivals, Wedding Gift, Birthday Gift, Even You!

Do you know that you can see the Full Moon Sky under your roof ? Yes you can manifest the sky within your four walls which a very soothing one and gives you the finest moments. The Nak-sha-tra Art (Starry Night) makes it possible to you. Just switch of the light / darken your room and enjoy the star-studded sky within your room on your ceiling.

Imagine, thousands of stars gently glowing in the night in your bedroom. And Shooting star, Exquisite Moon, Constellations, Zodiac Signs, Rockets, all in your bedroom…

It is an accurate, 3D painting of the night time sky, with thousands of stars, constellation s, shooting stars, Moon in your bedroom.

Your worries of the day will melt away. Stress-Relieving for the business professional. It is Romantic and can help couples and families communicate better by bringing them closer together. It also helps to Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Worry. Kids love anything that Glows-In-The-Dark. Perfect Night Light for children.

This art is fast catching-up Modern Interior Decoration Concept in India for bedrooms. This needs to be artistically painted on places like Bedrooms, Children Rooms, Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, and Recovery Rooms in Hospitals etc. Normally, the required surface is of white, off-white or light color background. It is a reasonably Low Cost interior decoration, but adds to the beauty of the room. It has a life span of more than 10 years.

This Art is invisible during the day or in light, so it does not interfere with any decorating part of your room. Nobody would notice it unless they actually look hard. It does not look like a painting on wall.

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