Frequently Asked Questions

What is
Nak-sha-tra Art (Starry Night)?

It is a process wherein we decorate your ceiling with an artistic appeal where you find an open sky of a Full Moonís day with a flock of twinkling stars, which turns your mood into sweet dreams. It soothes you indeed. You have to just watch it in absolute darkness.

How long will it last ?

It lasts for the whole night. The prerequisite is that you should have the facility of absolute darkness. It lasts for at least 10 years and it lasts after that also. Our customers are totally satisfied.

How does it work ?

The light spreads the entire room and you find all the items of your room. Itís a marvelous experience indeed!

What is its cost ?

The cost is very nominal by owning an indispensable art piece for what you pay. However we shall offer you a genuine price for it.

What material is used ?   

We use the glow paints that glow in darkness. It is non-hazardous and non-toxic.
You can clean with water and it will not go off. Zero maintenance.

Does it disturb the existing interiors ?

No, it wonít. You will hardly find these designs which are put on the ceilings. Unless you observe it too closely only then you find it. You need not worry about your existing interiors.

Where is it available?

Nak-sha-tra Art (Starry Night) is available all over the India as we have our persons in all the towns of the country.



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